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    You’re confusing capitalism with crony capitalism, or corporatism.
    You all complain about capitalism as you sit on your $500 cell phones and $1000 laptops. Which were made by a capitalist.

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    What… the… FUCK?!

    School logic. You protect yourself and others and get punished because you choose to act rather than be silent and let them do whatever they want. Its the policy they have for everything, from bullying to this. 

    okay what the actual fuck 

    Yep if someone hits you you get suspended whether you hit back or not

    reason #3345677 not to put your kid in government-run schools.

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    It’s astonishing to me that generation after generation of some people will never ever go for REAL change.


  5. No one knew about this isis group 4 months ago. Now they happen to be the richest terrorist group in the world and happen to have U.S. guns and equipment. this doesn’t add up. How did they suddenly become so big this quickly?

    Remember when we were arming rebels in Syria? Seems fishy. Remember when John McCain was taking photos with known al-qeuida members? Just Google it.


  6. Welcome to police state America. Democrats and Republicans have no one to blame but themselves for falling for the lies that come from the mouths of “politicians”. Google blowback and stop asking the government to give you answers and solutions to problems.


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    and you wonder why they murdered him. he could have profoundly changed this country for the better.

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    obama wtf


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  10. "Nothing says "fuck capitalism" like posting it to the internet, from an electronic device, via the internet. All products of capitalism, and provided by corporations."
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